Malton Equine Veterinary Services

General Veterinary Services

Our veterinary clinic is equipped with cutting-edge ultrasonography services that evaluate the intricacies of equine anatomy with precision. With high-frequency sound waves, our advanced ultrasonography technology provides detailed and real-time imaging of soft tissues, tendons, ligaments, and reproductive organs. This non-invasive diagnostic tool plays a pivotal role in our scientific approach to investigating lameness, reproductive health, and internal abnormalities in horses.
The ultrasonography process involves the transmission and reception of ultrasound waves, creating clear and detailed images of internal structures. This allows our skilled veterinary team to perform thorough examinations, aiding in the identification of subtle abnormalities that may impact your horse’s health and performance.
Malton Equine Veterinary Services
From assessing musculoskeletal structures to monitoring reproductive conditions, ultrasonography enables us to visualize anatomical features at a microscopic level. This scientific precision informs our diagnostic assessments and facilitates the development of tailored treatment strategies. As advocates for the forefront of equine healthcare, we are dedicated to employing ultrasonography as a powerful and integral component of our diagnostic toolkit. Trust us to apply this sophisticated imaging technology for the meticulous care and optimal health of your horse.

Emergency veterinary attention for your horse may be required at any time of the day or night. We provide veterinary care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to registered clients.

General Veterinary Services

Lameness is a prevalent concern among horses, and at Malton Equine, we specialize in comprehensive investigations and treatments to address various causes of lameness and poor performance.

Lameness and poor performance

Our veterinary clinic is equipped with cutting-edge ultrasonography services that evaluate the intricacies of equine anatomy with precision.


Malton Equine is equipped with cutting-edge digital radiography services, offering a non-invasive insight into the internal structures of your horse.


Endoscopy is a non-invasive diagnostic technique that employs a flexible fiber-optic scope, allowing us to visually inspect the upper respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts with unparalleled precision.


At Malton Equine, we offer thorough pre-purchase examinations designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the horse's health and suitability for your current and future endeavors.

Pre-purchase examinations

At Malton Equine, we prioritize the overall well-being of your horse through a proactive and personalized healthcare approach. Vaccination is a cornerstone of preventive medicine.

Healthcare, vaccinations and worming (skin / sarcoid)

Our equine veterinary services include safe and expert castration procedures, conducted with precision and utmost consideration for your horse's well-being.


In any equine emergency, time is of the essence. Our dedicated emergency veterinary team is available around the clock to address any critical situation.

Emergency Care

We take pride in offering APHA (Animal and Plant Health Agency) approved exportation services, ensuring that your horse's journey across borders adheres to the highest international standards.