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Mare Reproductive Services

Infertility Investigation
Infertility Investigation
We use a comprehensive approach to the investigation of difficult breeders.

Opportune Timing:

The off-season or early breeding season presents an ideal window to investigate the potential fertility issues affecting mares. However, at Malton Equine, we recognise that investigating fertility concerns can be undertaken at any stage to ensure proactive and personalised reproductive care.

Malton Equine Veterinary Services

Thorough External Assessment:

Our first step involves a meticulous external assessment of the mare’s reproductive anatomy. Through a detailed physical examination, we evaluate the overall conformation of the external reproductive tract, identifying any external factors that may impact fertility.

Advanced Imaging Techniques:

We employ ultrasound technology to thoroughly assess the reproductive system. This allows us to visualise the internal structures, assess the condition of the ovaries and uterus, and detect any abnormalities that may hinder successful breeding.

Uterine Culture to Rule Out Infections:

A uterine culture is conducted to rule out underlying infections that may compromise fertility. Identifying and addressing infections is pivotal in ensuring a healthy uterine environment for successful conception.

In-depth Uterine Evaluation with Hysteroscopy:

For a more detailed understanding, we utilise hysteroscopy – a minimally invasive procedure that enables us to visualise the inside of the uterus via video-endoscope. This method provides valuable insights into the health of the uterine environment, allowing for the identification of any structural issues or abnormalities that may affect fertility.

Histopathology and Grading for Prognosis:

In cases where a deeper understanding is required, a uterine biopsy is performed. This biopsy allows us to examine the uterine wall for histopathology, providing crucial information for prognosis and guiding us in tailoring a targeted treatment plan.

Comprehensive Reproductive History Discussion:

We understand the importance of your mare’s reproductive history. Through a thorough discussion, we gather information about past breeding attempts, any complications encountered, and any specific challenges observed. This aids in formulating a comprehensive and individualised approach to address your mare’s unique reproductive needs.

Our commitment to proactive reproductive care is reflected in our thorough investigations and advanced techniques. Whether you’re planning for the breeding season or addressing concerns at any stage, trust us to provide specialist care aimed at optimising your mare’s reproductive health.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and begin discussions about your mare’s reproductive health.

Emergency veterinary attention for your horse may be required at any time of the day or night. We provide veterinary care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to registered clients.

Mare Reproductive Services

Thorough assessment of conformation, external genitalia and ultrasonographic assessment of uterus, cervix and ovaries...

Pre-breeding Examination

We are proud to work alongside thoroughbred studs and individual breeders to manage the natural breeding cycles for mares walking-in to stallions...

Natural cover

We offer fresh, chilled and frozen AI services to individual breeders and studs...

Artificial Insemination

We offer complete embryo transfer services allowing owners the opportunity to breed from mares in competition or with health issues; or to produce multiple foals per season...

Embryo Transfer

The off-season or early breeding season is the perfect opportunity to investigate mares with fertility issues however investigation can be carried out at any stage...

Infertility Investigation

Some infertility issues in mares can be linked to blockage of the ducts connecting the ovaries to the uterus...

Hysteroscopic treatment of the Oviduct (Fallopian tube)

Occasionally, a mare will conceive twins. Due to the very rare survival of twin pregnancies to term it is recommended to reduce one of the embryos to result in a single remaining pregnancy...

Twin reduction

Gender determination can be performed via transrectal ultrasonography at 60-70 days gestation...

Foetal gender determination

There are several surgical procedures that can help to improve mare fertility by altering caudal anatomy...

Surgical management of the vulva and perineum

To ensure a safe pregnancy it is occasionally necessary to examine the placenta via ultrasound scan transrectally...

Monitoring of the placenta during pregnancy

Occasionally, issues with conformation or historical difficulties will mean a mare’s pregnancy might be termed ‘high-risk’...

Monitoring of the high rick pregnancy

General maintenance is essential in the management of the pregnant mare. We are happy to advise you on the best worming strategy for your pregnant mare...

General care, worming and vaccinating the pregnant mare

Occasionally, complications arise during foaling. Malton Equine are ready to assist and have a wealth of knowledge and experience with the necessary equipment to assist in difficult foalings...

Assisted Foaling

After foaling your mare should have passed her foetal membranes by three hours...

Post-Foaling disease management

Undesirable or atypical behaviour whilst in season can be investigated by thorough assessment of the uterus and ovaries...

Suppression of oestrus ('Moody' Mare Management)

Unfortunate circumstances can result in a foal being left without its own mare to rear it...

Fostering the orphan foal