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Semen Analysis
Semen Analysis
Semen analysis stands as a cornerstone in evaluating breeding soundness. A thorough examination of the semen provides critical insights into the stallion’s fertility potential, guiding decisions in breeding programs. At Malton Equine, we recognize the paramount importance of this diagnostic tool in ensuring optimal reproductive success.
The basic parameters assessed during semen analysis encompass concentration, morphology, and motility. These fundamental aspects offer a foundational understanding of the stallion’s semen quality. Concentration measures the number of sperm cells per unit volume, morphology examines the structure and form of the sperm, and motility evaluates the sperm’s ability to move effectively. These parameters collectively contribute to gauging the overall fertility potential of the stallion.
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In cases where infertility issues are suspected or when a more comprehensive evaluation is deemed necessary, further in-depth semen testing becomes a valuable diagnostic avenue. These advanced tests may delve into aspects such as sperm longevity, viability under various conditions, and the presence of any potential anomalies that could impede reproductive success.

Our equine veterinary team recognizes that each stallion is unique, and tailored breeding soundness examinations are essential to account for individual variations. Semen analysis forms a dynamic component of these examinations, allowing us to pinpoint specific areas that may require attention or intervention. By employing a comprehensive approach to semen analysis, we aim not only to diagnose existing issues but also to provide stallion owners with actionable insights to optimize fertility outcomes.

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Stallion Reproductive Services

Embarking on a breeding program is a significant decision for any horse owner, and pre-breeding examinations play a pivotal role in ensuring the health and success of the endeavor.

Pre-breeding examination

Contagious diseases, whether transmitted directly or indirectly, can have far-reaching consequences within a breeding program.

Sampling for infectious disease

When poor pregnancy rates become apparent, it serves as a crucial indicator that your stallion's fertility may be sub-optimal, necessitating a thorough investigation to identify and address potential challenges.

Infertillity Investigation

A stallion's reproductive system involves not only the testes but also the accessory sex glands, which play a pivotal role in contributing various fluid components to the ejaculate.

Ultrasound examination of the accessory sex glands

Addressing conditions affecting the accessory sex glands in stallions requires a targeted and innovative approach, particularly when facing challenges in reaching these crucial reproductive organs.

Endoscopic treatment of accessory sex gland infection

Semen analysis stands as a cornerstone in evaluating breeding soundness. A thorough examination of the semen provides critical insights into the stallion's fertility potential.

Semen analysis

Stallion owners navigating the intricacies of semen processing often seek guidance to make informed decisions that optimise fertility outcomes.

Advice on semen processing

We offer a specialized service designed to assess the individual semen-freezing compatibility of your stallion, providing a seamless process for collection, processing, and long-term storage.

Semen freezing and post-thaw evaluation

As qualified Official Veterinarians, we're equipped to help you export your stallion's semen overseas.

Semen importation / exportation