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Hysteroscopic treatment of the Oviduct
Hysteroscopic treatment of the Oviduct
Hysteroscopic Treatment of the Oviducts (Fallopian Tubes):
In our commitment to comprehensive equine reproductive care, we employ advanced techniques such as hysteroscopic (video-endoscopy of the uterus) treatment to address infertility issues that may arise from blocked oviducts in mares. These delicate ducts, connecting the ovaries to the uterus, are crucial for the successful journey of ova and early embryos. When blockages occur, hindering this intricate pathway, it can lead to challenges in conception.
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Prostaglandin Application:

This naturally occurring hormone is applied during the hysteroscopic procedure to induce controlled contractions within the oviducts. These contractions act as a therapeutic mechanism, effectively ‘unblocking’ the delicate tubes, restoring the natural flow and function of the reproductive pathways.

Precision and Expertise:

Our hysteroscopic treatment approach is characterised by precision and expertise, ensuring minimal invasiveness while maximising therapeutic benefits. This technique not only addresses current blockages but also contributes to the overall enhancement of the mare’s reproductive health, paving the way for increased fertility and successful breeding outcomes.

Reproductive Solutions:

Understanding that each mare is unique, our equine veterinary team customises treatment plans based on the specific diagnostic findings. Whether as part of a comprehensive fertility evaluation or a targeted intervention, hysteroscopic treatment stands as a testament to our commitment to offering advanced solutions to enhance your mare’s reproductive potential.

If you suspect infertility issues or are exploring ways to optimise your mare’s reproductive health, consider our hysteroscopic treatment as a key component of our comprehensive equine reproductive services.

Emergency veterinary attention for your horse may be required at any time of the day or night. We provide veterinary care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to registered clients.

Mare Reproductive Services

Our veterinary pre-breeding assessments for mares are designed to lay the foundation for successful equine reproduction and identify any potential problems early.

Pre-breeding Examination

We meticulously evaluate the health and fertility of the mare prior to cover, ensuring compatibility for a successful breeding experience.

Natural cover

We understand the importance of leveraging advanced reproductive technologies to optimize the breeding success of your beloved equine companions.

Artificial Insemination

Embryo transfer allows breeders to multiply the genetic potential of mares, offering a range of benefits that enhance both efficiency and success in breeding programs.

Embryo Transfer

We use a comprehensive approach to the investigation of difficult breeders.

Infertility Investigation

In our commitment to comprehensive equine reproductive care, we employ advanced techniques such as hysteroscopic treatment to address infertility issues that may arise from blocked oviducts in mares.

Hysteroscopic treatment of the Oviduct (Fallopian tube)

Due to the very rare survival of twin pregnancies to term it is recommended to reduce one of the embryos to result in a single remaining pregnancy.

Twin reduction

In equine veterinary medicine, the ability to determine fetal gender is a valuable aspect of reproductive care, aiding breeders in their strategic breeding programs.

Foetal gender determination

There are multiple surgical procedures aimed at addressing caudal anatomy issues to improve mare fertility.

Surgical management of the vulva and perineum

We prioritize the well-being of pregnant mares through comprehensive monitoring techniques, including advanced ultrasound scans.

Monitoring of the placenta during pregnancy

Veterinary monitoring of equine pregnancy is a critical aspect of ensuring the health and well-being of both the mare and the developing foal.

Monitoring of the high rick pregnancy

Malton Equine is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for pregnant mares, covering general well-being, strategic worming, and vaccinations crucial for a healthy pregnancy.

General care, worming and vaccinating the pregnant mare

At Malton Equine, we understand that despite meticulous breeding and attentive care, complications can occasionally arise during the foaling process.

Assisted Foaling

In the critical post-foaling period, Malton Equine can assist in the thorough management of your mare's health.

Post-Foaling disease management

Undesirable or atypical behavior exhibited by mares during their oestrous cycles can often be indicative of underlying reproductive issues.

Suppression of oestrus ('Moody' Mare Management)

Unfortunate circumstances can result in a foal being left without its own mare to rear it.

Fostering the orphan foal