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Infertility Investigation
Infertility Investigation
When poor pregnancy rates become apparent, it serves as a crucial indicator that your stallion’s fertility may be sub-optimal, necessitating a thorough investigation to identify and address potential challenges. The causes of diminished fertility in stallions can be diverse and complex, requiring a comprehensive approach to diagnostics.
Our diagnostic journey begins with a meticulous assessment of both internal and external reproductive organs of the stallion. This involves a thorough examination to identify any anatomical abnormalities, functional issues, or signs of reproductive disorders that may be hindering fertility. Understanding the physical condition of the stallion is paramount in shaping an effective intervention strategy.
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Following the physical assessment, we proceed with a detailed semen analysis. Semen assessment is a critical component of understanding the reproductive health of the stallion, providing insights into sperm quality, quantity, and overall fertility potential. This analysis allows us to pinpoint specific areas of concern, such as sperm morphology, motility, and concentration, guiding us toward targeted solutions.

The potential causes of sub-optimal fertility in stallions can range from anatomical issues to sperm-related challenges or even systemic health concerns. Our commitment is to unravel this complexity through a step-by-step investigation, providing horse owners with a clear understanding of the factors influencing their stallion’s fertility.

By combining advanced diagnostics with a wealth of equine reproductive expertise, our veterinary team works collaboratively with stallion owners to formulate tailored intervention plans. Whether the solution involves medical treatment, management adjustments, or specialized reproductive techniques, our goal is to optimize the fertility potential of your stallion and contribute to a successful and thriving breeding program.

Emergency veterinary attention for your horse may be required at any time of the day or night. We provide veterinary care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to registered clients.

Stallion Reproductive Services

Embarking on a breeding program is a significant decision for any horse owner, and pre-breeding examinations play a pivotal role in ensuring the health and success of the endeavor.

Pre-breeding examination

Contagious diseases, whether transmitted directly or indirectly, can have far-reaching consequences within a breeding program.

Sampling for infectious disease

When poor pregnancy rates become apparent, it serves as a crucial indicator that your stallion's fertility may be sub-optimal, necessitating a thorough investigation to identify and address potential challenges.

Infertillity Investigation

A stallion's reproductive system involves not only the testes but also the accessory sex glands, which play a pivotal role in contributing various fluid components to the ejaculate.

Ultrasound examination of the accessory sex glands

Addressing conditions affecting the accessory sex glands in stallions requires a targeted and innovative approach, particularly when facing challenges in reaching these crucial reproductive organs.

Endoscopic treatment of accessory sex gland infection

Semen analysis stands as a cornerstone in evaluating breeding soundness. A thorough examination of the semen provides critical insights into the stallion's fertility potential.

Semen analysis

Stallion owners navigating the intricacies of semen processing often seek guidance to make informed decisions that optimise fertility outcomes.

Advice on semen processing

We offer a specialized service designed to assess the individual semen-freezing compatibility of your stallion, providing a seamless process for collection, processing, and long-term storage.

Semen freezing and post-thaw evaluation

As qualified Official Veterinarians, we're equipped to help you export your stallion's semen overseas.

Semen importation / exportation